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Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Payroll compliance is only a small part of today's Human Resources environment. Human resources includes payroll, employee management, handbook creation, employee benefit administration, unemployment claim management, workers compensation classification and auditing, staff training, time off tracking, and much more.

Maintaining an internal human resources department can often be a considerable expense for a company. However, in addition to the obvious costs such as hiring, salary, benefits and training expenses, there are numerous hidden costs as well. For companies who do not adequately manage their human resource issues, the end result is often fines, penalties and sometimes even lawsuits. Additionally, when human resource matters are well-managed within a company, employee retention is often increased, which in turn can save even more money and resources. By entrusting your human resources needs to us, your company will have more time, money and resources to focus on core activities, goals and objectives that can help your business prosper and grow.

ForMyAccounting has extensive experience with dealing with all of these issues from simple to complex including multi-state Human Resource matters. Talent is a key reason you are successful. Our goal is to assist you in maximize the pool of talent while minimizing costs and increasing employee retention.

ForMyAccounting will work with your company to provide a customized human resources solution that will meet your everyday need. Because of our flexibility, we are able to work with companies to handle all manner of human resources tasks, whether you just need simple solutions or something much more complex. We have the expertise and training needed to work in multi-state environments, making sure that you company remains in complete compliance. This can be especially important in today's business environment, where lawsuits and litigations are becoming commonplace occurrences.

ForMyAccounting provides a full range of human resource administration and management services to companies of all sizes. Our solutions scale from narrowly-focused software implementations to full department replacements and include:

  • Human resources management
  • Human resources information systems (HRIS)
  • Payroll management and integration
  • Web-based talent management applications
For businesses with large, established human resources departments, ForMyAccounting offers a wide variety of solutions that improve performance and integrate seamlessly with existing platforms.

For medium-sized businesses, we present human resources software and outsourcing solutions that upgrade significant elements of your human resources function. For small businesses, ForMyAccounting deploys a complete, easy-to-use, self-service human resources platform.

With ForMyAccounting, your human resources department will realize lower costs and a higher quality of service, helping you attract and retain your best employees.

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